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Scopri il conclave in Vaticano con ConclaveNews

by on mar.05, 2013, under Android, are you curious?, Developers, IOS

Scopri il conclave in Vaticano con ConclaveNews l’app per seguire il prossimo Papa. Potrai leggere il meglio di ciò che accade in Vaticano e al Conclave!

Grazie a FLT.lab e Arsenale 23 potrai avere ConclaveNews.
Con ConclaveNews, potrai leggere il meglio di ogni Notizia legata allo svolgimento del Conclave 2013!
Grazie a Conclave News potrai conoscere…

  • le migliori notizie selezionate da tutta la rete;
  • le notifiche push per non perderti una sola notizia;
  • tutte le curiosità sul Vaticano

ed inoltre potrai …

  • Sapere in anteprima tutti i fatti
  • usare un’interfaccia semplice ed intuitiva che ti guiderà durante tutto il Conclave e non solo!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

“L’applicazione gratuita che rivoluziona il modo di seguire l’elezione del prossimo Papa”
Disponibile su tutti i terminali sia Google che IOS (Apple): Android, iPhone, iPod e iPad!
Scopri tutte le novità sull’App su
Scarica subito dal PlayStore: clicca qui

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Learn how to Develop apps for Iphone in two days

by on ago.10, 2012, under are you curious?, Developers, IOS, Tutorial

Finally online the slides about the basic Iphone Development course. this short course was done in two days and 20 hours…so ..i think, that everybody can learn how to develop on iphone!!

Read the Slides and send to me your questions!

Continue reading to see the slides links… (continue reading…)

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MBC Burn Care: a medical app for burned patients

by on ago.03, 2012, under are you curious?

It was a normal day’s work at the FLT.Lab. We were going on with the usual, ordinary amount of projects to do, bugs to fix and applications to deliver. Our office routine was broken by an email with a pretty strange request: a possible client asked us to make a medical application for iPhone and iPad that could be useful for the management of burned patients. It was to build a burn meter able to solve the most enduring and common problems for all the medical specialists in burns or to help all their general medical colleagues in making the timely first aid for burned patients. The app would have to make their job easier by giving them, at first and very quickly, the possibility to make a calculation of the percentage of burns in a patient and the assessment of their severity; the quick valuation and count of the fluids to be immediately administered just to prevent the risk of serious or permanent damages, and the transmission of these and other data to the nearest burn center in order to ensure a specific hospitalization after this first and essential emergency service.

In other words, this kind of app could be useful to save human lives and offer in real time, by a simple iPhone (or iPad), all the necessary data for a specific emergency.

(continue reading…)

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Google Code Jam 2012 – Qualification round What Happened

by on apr.15, 2012, under are you curious?, gtug

Saturday morning i received a mail that explain to me that the qualification round is beginning, so i logged to the google code website and i found the questions to complete the qualification round!
There were four questions:
  • A. Speaking in Tongues
  • B. Dancing With the Googlers
  • C. Recycled Numbers
  • D. Hall of Mirrors
So i begun to read the first problem …The first one was very simple to solve… (continue reading…)
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Cordova 1.6 rc1 directly from GitHub

by on apr.11, 2012, under are you curious?

As you can know the new edition of PhoneGap is called Cordova because now it is a project of the Apache foundation…

And now, for you, i have build the release candidate 1.6 that you can download here!

Click Here to download

Cordova 1.6.0 rc1 Release Notes:

+* Updates for Media API
+* Contacts updates for Unified JavaScript
 (continue reading...)
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WordPress: How to block Edit single post

by on apr.10, 2012, under are you curious?, Developers

Wordpress Hack!Hi guys,
Have you ever needed to Block the editing of a single post (or a group of they) for a single role or a single user?
I think that this little hack can help you…

You need to intercept this action: admin_head with the common function add_action and then write your redirect code like in this sample:

add_action(‘admin_head’, ‘BlockSomePost’,10 );

function BlockSomePost() {
	//Assuming that blockPostArray is and array that contains your locked post ID...
	global $blockPostArray;

    //get The Current user
	$cUser = wp_get_current_user();
	//Check the User Role:
	//assume that blockrole is your blocked Role...
	if(array_search('blockrole',$cUser->roles)!==FALSE) {

		if($_GET) {
			if(isset($_GET["post"]) && $_GET["action"]=='edit') {
				$currentPost = $_GET["post"];
				if(array_search($currentPost,$blockPostArray)!==FALSE) {
					//If the current edit post in into the array redirect to your wordpress homepage!
					header( 'Location: ' . get_settings('siteurl') );

I hope that you appreciate this snippet…that is only a starting point to do something more complex, for example you can use the User_Meta fields to attach some post to the user or a database table to store the list of the blocked posts!!

Have a nice coding day!

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PhoneGap and GoogleAnalytics (without plugins!)

by on apr.10, 2012, under Developers, IOS

PhoneGap - NitobiHere for you a little tip (on Ios) to start with the Google Analytics during the developing of an IOS PhoneGap Project:


First of all download and do everything is written into this short guide:; this guide is very simple to follow and if you need any help please contact us!

Then, open your AppDelegate.m File, and look for the function :

- (BOOL) webView:(UIWebView*)theWebView shouldStartLoadWithRequest:(NSURLRequest*)request navigationType:(UIWebViewNavigationType)navigationType

When you are into the function, it looks like this:

- (BOOL) webView:(UIWebView*)theWebView shouldStartLoadWithRequest:(NSURLRequest*)request navigationType:(UIWebViewNavigationType)navigationType
return [self.viewController webView:theWebView shouldStartLoadWithRequest:request navigationType:navigationType];

And you need to add these few lines to the top of the function:

NSString* path = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@",request];
if([path hasPrefix:@"mailto"]==NO) {
NSRange range = [path rangeOfString:@"/" options:NSBackwardsSearch];
NSString* fileName = [NSString stringWithFormat:@"/%@",[path substringFromIndex:range.location + 1]];
NSError *error;
if (![[GANTracker sharedTracker] trackPageview:fileName
withError:&error]) {
NSLog(@"error in trackPageview");

With these few lines we can intercept the reload of the webview and then send a PageView to the Google Analytics tracker!!
Do not forgot to include the tracker into your AppDelegate!

Have a fun coding!

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Mobile School: The mobile Revolution has begun (in Italian Way!)

by on set.14, 2011, under Android, are you curious?, Developers, gtug

MobileSchool is now ready for you… and the Italian Developer can improve their knowledge through it!

Now the subscriptions are open!
Subscribe yourself to one of the stages of the Mobile Revolution; the tour starts in October from Palermo (Sicily) and get to Milan in various stages to disseminate the mobile knowledge.

You can learn more from the website that speaks about it, such as RabenBlog (visible at: that wrote a beautiful post about Francesco Lo Truglio and his role in the MobileSchool!

and now, what do you want to do? Do you want to stand outside and watch this revolution? Join it!

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Apple: Steve Jobs resigns as CEO

by on ago.25, 2011, under are you curious?, General

As you know Steve Jobs yesterday resigned as CEO of Apple..and now?

He, the amazing mind behind  ”new era devices ” such the iPhone and the Ipad, he that turned Apple  into one of the world’s most powerful and innovative companies, now maybe for unspecified medical condition leave the leading of Apple..and now? Now that the war has just bugin? What will happen?

Now that Google has bought Motorola Mobile and now that Nokia will use Wp7 in its mobile devices?Now that Apple has to show to the whole World his Lion teeth…The only thing can we can expect is a period in whitch the shares will be strange and they do some up and down…but now we just have to wait for the next move of Tim Cook (the new CEO of Apple)  and wait for recovery of the shares and the launch of the new devices…

What do you think about these facts?
Add comment or write to myself to increase the prediction of the new Apple era!

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MobileSchool: Challenge 1Idea1App

by on mag.28, 2011, under Android, Developers, gtug

Hey guys!
Have you an idea for a mobile app? or do you want to learn how to make a mobile app?

Join the challenge and explore the mobileschool contest, the first traveling mobile school!

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